"Apologetic Love"

Inside I know it's selfishness,
I think you know it too.
Yet I know the only solution,
The very feelings I have for you.

To apologize, or say I am sorry,
Would not the problem solve.
But to love you and love you deeply,
Would the problem in love dissolve.

All this time, I have been repeating,
Those three special words to you.
All this time, from the very beginning,
The answer has been clear and true.

The only thing I can ask for now,
Is that you those three words to work allow.
To unveil their gradual power and remedy,
To right the wrongs and to show you I'm sorry.

Honey, I can't in this poem tell,
A love story or an apologetic tale.
Yet I want you to know I am sorry,
And that my love will not go stale.

I hate our frequent quarrels,
I know I am to blame.
But I want to end these meaningless scruples,
By loving you all the same.

All I can promise sweetheart,
Is to make come true,
Those three special words,
I love you!

By Christian Eliab Ratnam – Copyright © 2008

Song: "Every Time You Go Away"
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